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Management consultancy services

Change management
Value based management


Individuals (max 20 p.a.)
Outplacement (max 20 p.a.)


Executive search
Search & Selection
Test & Assessment

Business development

Planning, setting up, development, follow-up



Performance evaluation

Organisational development

Organisational structure, setting up, development

Basic set of values, culture, and policies

Competence development

Assessment of job satisfaction

Sales performance consulting

Sales strategies

Sales channels

Sales tools

Incentive systems

Assessment of sales personnel

Assessment of sales management

IT and CRM


Services for boards of directors

Recruitment of board members

Participation in board work and advisory boards



Work processes and methods

We aim to compose the best possible process when solving a specific assignment for a client. Therefore our work processes and methods vary from task to task. We have set up a code of practice, specifying principles for how we wish to solve assignments, in order to maintain a high level of quality.

The main points in our work methods and processes will be the following:

Be sympathetic:
  • Understand your client and the situation and needs of your client's business
  • Listen proactively to what your client tells you, and ask questions until you see the whole picture
Be thoughtful:
  • Reflect thoroughly when analysing your notes from the meeting with your client
  • Identify the problem/challenge. Why has it arisen? What are the consequences for the client/the client's business?
  • Make a preliminary conclusion as to cause consequence, identify the symptoms and the core of the problem/challenge
  • Contact your client to have your assessment of the situation confirmed or disproved
Be competent:
  • Draw up one or more solution models which will meet the demands of your client
  • Discuss with your client the consequences of your solution models, and how the solutions can be implemented
  • Obtain your client's confirmation of solution model, goals, and means
Be efficient:
  • Deliver a professional and effective solution to your client
  • Make sure that the solution is implemented as agreed upon with your client, at the right time and place
  • Obtain your client's confirmation that the assignment has been solved as agreed
  • Follow up according to the agreement with your client





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