People make your business grow

About PMC

We see ourselves as a greenhouse, offering our services in the fields of innovation, change, and growth, both in relation to the business and the people in the business. It is our belief that successful businesses of the future must and will focus on a continuous development of "people" as the dynamic force and the crucial element that will generate value for owners, managers as well as employees.

At PMC we look at the whole picture in order to better understand and work with the detail. Our competencies span the entire spectrum of business development in combination with development of organisations, groups, and individuals.

Our ideal is to combine the best that can be gained from people with best that can be gained from businesses.



Inspired by our motto and leadstar, "People Make Your Business Grow", we have formulated our vision as follows:

PMC is to be a greenhouse, providing our clients and our own associates and employees with a foundation and an energy for human and commercial development, and there will be room for ideas and creativity. We will not wait for the future; we will take an active part in shaping a future where our competencies help create successful businesses with competent, motivated, committed, and responsible owners, managers, and employees.

Mission - "Be wiser, not just smarter"

- is an inspiration to ourselves not to get caught in old patterns and traditional thought when solving assignments for our clients. The world is in constant change - for our clients as well as for ourselves - and, consequently, so are the roads to solutions. One precondition for being able to deliver high-quality solutions is that we keep reconsidering our views, and continue developing our business, our concepts, processes, and methods. Therefore, we expect all PMC associates and employees to contribute actively to the process of development, employing their competencies, sympathetic insight, creativity, thoughtfulness, and sense of reality. This means our mission is a mentality which invites personal initiative and energy rather than an old set of guidelines which is always to be followed.



We acknowledge and respect the fact that we are individualists with different views and priorities. Each of us has different backgrounds, education, histories and future plans, but we will use our differences as a common strength and offer our services based on the following values

  • Respect for the individual
  • Openness and honesty
  • Trust that everyone gives their best effort
  • Positive, committed and responsible
  • Supportive and helpful to our colleagues
  • Always searching and experimenting to achieve the best possible results for our clients
  • Availability 24/7 365





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