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Here you can make a SPT-analysis of a salesman, a district, a region - or the entire company's sales (or gross profit).

Rate on a scale of 1 - 10 (10 is best);


Enter your honest score for direction.

It can be whether you believe you /yours fronts the right industries, segments, and if it's with the right products / services.


Enter your honest score for effort.

It may be based on a call/visit index; it can be hard work on cold canvas calls. It may be that you make 3.7 visits per day, and you know, that the industry norm is 6! Are “you” sitting too much in the office, do you meet late - go early, ore like.


Honest score for sales competence / resource.

Are you making objectives of the meetings, do you prioritize empathy talk at the beginning of the sales meeting, do you use a fixed sales structure (Solution Selling ol.) at all sales calls/visits, know the salesmen empty / lock technique, AND dare they to ask for the order (or will they'd rather send a harmless offer?). Do they use the company made sales tools - every time ol.

Now try to select the area that you think is easiest to influence / change, and give the area (fx after cooperation with PMC) a score that is 1-2 no. higher. The display shows improvements in % and DKK. Note that this type of SPT-analysis has not been scientifically evaluated, so it is a raw calculation - as inspiration. Nevertheless, this type of model has been used over the past three decades as an eye-opener = how little is needed to get a significantly better result.

Write an amount, thousands, millions - sales or profit for the year

  Before After
Such change will produce this improvement:
Along with an estimated revenue or profit of:

It is our experience that there is two areas which is easiest to change (low hanging fruit). While competence / resources should be developed in the slightly longer term, and perhaps more radically.

– if they have the right direction, are hard working and are skilled at what they do!

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