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One of PMC's fields of expertise is recruitment of directors, top and middle managers as well as experts for various functions in the client's business.

Our core competence is the entire sales development area - from canvas to sales management on the highest international level.

If you are interested in joining our job bank - which means we will contact you when our clients have available positions - we invite you to send us your curriculum vitae, which will then be registered in our job bank.

Job Bank

Send us your curriculum vitae and additional important information, in one Word document, to .

Please write the text "PMC job bank registration" in the subject field of your email, and give your information in attached documents.

All information we receive from you will be processed in strict confidentiality, and we will not pass on any information without your acceptance.

We will contact you when our clients tell us of assignments matching your profile.


NOTICE AND DECLARATION ON PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION by Data Protection Officer Henrik Møllevang Zarp, responsible owner.


Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).


This is People Management Consulting (PMC)'s general notice and statement on the protection of personal data.


By accessing and using the Website (, you agree that you are legally bound by and must comply with the following terms - in this document. This also applies to customers/clients and their employees.


PMC reserves the right to change or interrupt any aspect or function of the PMC website at any time.


Due to the nature of PMC, the protection of personal data has always been a focus area for us. Previously, we had an approval from the Data Inspectorate. As a candidate, you can be sure that all personal data is safe with us and handled with great care. We are actively working with GDPR and complying with GDPR. Keywords are legal, fair and transparent. We save "need to know, not nice to know". Clients receiving data at candidate presentations are required to shred candidate data on non-employed candidates. Responsibility for personal data of a candidate employed is transferred immediately / subsequently to the client.


Copyright, Terms of Use

You are allowed to view email, download or print copies of the Website, but exclusively for personal, non-commercial use.

It is explicitly forbidden to use the content of the website on other sites or in other computer networking environments for any purpose. If you use the Website in a manner that is not written by PMC, it may be in violation of copyright laws, trademark laws, and other laws.


Privacy Policy

PMC is committed to protecting your personal data. This privacy policy describes how PMC manages and uses the personal information we receive from communication regarding performance, "new job" assessments, etc. and how to contact us if you have further questions about, how we handle your personal data.


PMC collects and stores personal information (such as name, address, e-mail address and phone number) that you provide to receive information from PMC and later our clients. We can document what we do - from A-Z.


PMC uses this information to comply with your request for information. PMC collects and stores personal information that you (actively, validly and voluntarily) make available as part of eg. the resume information you send to PMC (if specific and relevant).

As such, GDPR has not changed our view of personal data, as we have ALWAYS emphasized CONFIDENTIALITY as the most important. We only store your personal data as long as necessary, taking into consideration the purpose of the data, in PMC. You sign a (easily understandable) statement regarding GDPR.


In addition to the above, we may use personal data for statistical analyzes (where applicable). The personal data collected or stored is for internal use only in PMC. Only PMC approved consultants / partners have access to personal information due to very high data security.


PMC has taken security measures that ensure personal data in accordance with the applicable data protection law. We fully or partially secure electronic "automated" data, or physical data. Paper / hard copy is stored under mechanical protection. Locations are monitored with AIA (burglar alarm) and CCTV (television surveillance). We store electronic data on PMC’s (secured) server.

PMC is insured in TRYG Forsikring, in case a event occurs within the GDPR regulatory framework.

You can manually request that the information about you be changed or deleted. You are entitled to receive a free copy of your personal information - registered with PMC. PMC is responsible for processing your personal information. Any requests to change or delete this information or to receive a copy of the information must be sent to People Management Consulting and labeled; Att .: PMC Data Responsible.


Google Analytics

PMC can use Google Analytics to see where "you" are, via IP address information - when using the PMC website.


For more information about our data protection, privacy and security processes, contact us. Complaints can always be sent to your local data protection authority, which in Denmark is the Data Inspectorate.


We specially focus on ARTICLES Nos. 9, 10, 87, 6, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 21.


Basically, we see accountability as;

  • Do the right thing
  • In the right way
  • Every time
  • Throughout the data life cycle

AND - We (PMC) can document it!


21 May 2018 / PMC1




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